4 tips for doing home demolition photoshoot

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Demolition is a very exciting phase of a construction project. It occurs very fast. The complete demolition of home can take one or two days time. Demolition can be very messy, but it has a specific strategy. Demolition work can be dangerous if necessary safety measures are not taken. Home demolition photography is required to have a documentation of how the work was done. If you are doing a home demolition photo shoot, then you need to keep the following things in mind.

1. Timing and planning

Timing is very important in taking home demolition photos. You should first decide what kind of photo you want to take. Then you should plan how you can get the effects naturally. You should take photos at the start of the project and in-progress shots as well. This way you can document the progress of the demolition project which will be later used as proof of work and marketing needs. The real estate developers would like to see how the project went by looking at the photographs. You have to make sure that you take photos of the key stages of the project. You should talk to the site supervisor or project architect to know when the best time to take a photo is and from where. You should take various shots from different angles. You should vary the level of exposures as well so that you can get the best photograph out of the many photos you shot. You should take photos after the demolition work is completed.

2. Composition and Lighting

You should make sure that the photos draw attention to the details. Here, lighting and image composition play an important role. You should use a tripod when taking photographs.

3. Organization

You should first take a wide angle photo. Then take details of the same place. You should then take the same shot with different shutter timing, good lighting, and various exposures. You should work methodically around the scene. You can start either clockwise or anticlockwise.

4. Use Time-lapse photography tool

You should use it to take home demolition photos. It can track progress over a short term or long term periods. It can capture images of the collapse of the building and the crowd instantly. With this tool, you will get a visual progress of this project.

Demolition is the first step of regeneration. You basically get rid of the old home to make way for your new home. You should use these tips to take photos of demolition work. This will show the homeowners or the real estate agents that the demolition work was done in the right way or not. They will be able to see important details about the project which may help them later when they will rebuild the house.