My name is Muggy Iriwan. I am originally from Malaysia but now I am living in Northern Virigina! I started my life in the city of Kuala Lumpur and lived there until I was 24. My father was a traveling salesman and would take me with him on his trips to the United States. As I grew older, I became intrigued by Western Culture and decided I would relocate to the USA!

I spent my first days in the USA living in Washington DC. I got a job as an aide in the Malaysian embassy while I studied for my citizenship exam. It was during that time when I met my wonderful husband. Because we fell in love so quickly I was able to obtain my citizenship a lot sooner than I originally thought.

I study to be an architect and I love all things about photography. My blog is about life in Northern Virginia and my adventures a mom and wife.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories at Muggy Irawan! If you want to get in touch, contact me here.